13 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Investment!


The Return Of Investment (ROI) is one of the key-concepts that all digital marketers must deal with. Besides online advertising strategies and trends, the correct use of the resources should be among the main branches of any digital marketing planning.

That said, we must ask ourselves how to get the most out of our digital investment. Consulted about this, Chili’s expertes share a series of tips for digital marketers to follow in order to optimize their ROI. Let’s start.


1. Embrace Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is a digital marketing set of techniques used for automating the processes of buying and placing online ads. It works through Real-Time Biddings and it allows a truly high level of personalization.

According to recent studies, half of the world’s marketing budget will be destined to digital campaigns by 2022. The process of manually buying advertising spaces will soon become obsolete, while big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms are shaping a whole new era for digital marketing.


2. Don’t Forget SEO


Search Engine Optimization is one of digital marketing’s core issues. Being on the Internet is not enough. Having a digital presence and building an online reputation are things that must be prioritized.

75% of Internet users remain on the first page of search results. That’s why it’s so important to be considered among the first options on Google’s pages ranking. This is also useful for other browsers, such as Bing, and ecommerce platforms, like Amazon.


3. Constant Monitoring

One of the most common mistakes made by new digital marketers is to forget about monitoring. How do we know if our campaign is doing well? Tracking our digital actions is a guarantee for a comprehensive digital marketing approach.

There are many platforms that we can use for measuring our digital marketing campaigns and our ads performances. Analytics must be a daily part of any digital marketing team’s job.


4. Communicate your Financial and Marketing Teams

How can you define a budget for digital marketing campaigns without having a previously-made digital marketing study? How can you design a digital marketing campaign without having considered your budget?

This might sound a little basic, but it’s a very common error. Financial and Marketing teams must work together from the beginning.


5. Answer All Questions

Users really appreciate companies that provide rapid answers to their questions. Usually, these questions are made through Social Media. Having a responsive approach increases our brand’s online reputation and helps Google to understand that our page is relevant and reliable.

One of the trends that seems to be taking shape is the use of chatbots. They used to be rejected for being quite robotic, but recently they have become more complex and assertive. Chatbots can solve doubts at any time and they also learn while they work.


6. Analyze Your Consumer Journey

Understanding your users’ experience involves more than just focusing on client satisfaction and service quality. The idea is to analyze, design and manage clients’ interactions in order to influence users’ perceptions and turn them into customers/buyers.


7. Use People’s Experience


Real people talking about your product or service can increase your website’s traffic and, eventually, produce more leads. Use people’s testimonials to build successful cases around your brand.


8. Build Your Online Reputation

Many clients check people’s reviews and read articles before purchasing. That’s why it’s very important to have a well-built online reputation. You can do that by having responsive social media accounts and answering users’ questions, but that might not be enough.

91% of B2B marketers use content marketing in order to reach new customers, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Content marketing is one of the keu digital marketing strategies nowadays and it’s consistently growing.

Articles, blogs and informative posts help create a reputation and a brand awareness that increases the opportunities of attracting leads and eventually gain more customers/clients/buyers.


9. Choose the Right KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are ways to measure how a campaign or an ad is performing. Choosing the right ones is a big deal of the digital marketing strategic planning process.

If your goal is to bring more traffic to your website, for instance, it’s not recommendable to focus on the number of social media followers, but on the level of engagement.

Engagement metrics help digital marketers to understand which parts of our strategy are working and which ones aren’t. It allows us to apply changes and have a real-time overview of our campaign’s performance.


10. Set Up Mid-Term Goals

If you’re developing a digital marketing strategy, then you must have a goal. Anyway, while your campaign is performing, you may want to set quick objectives along the way, establishing and achieving mid-term wins.


11. Talk To Your Persona

Forget about generic messages. The great possibilities of segmentation that contemporary digital marketing tools allow us is a great starting point for you to define your communication strategy. How? Talking to your Buyer Persona.

A Persona is an imaginary client with a history, interests and real motivations. Don’t plan your strategy to reach a wide audience. Build your communication strategy keeping your Persona in mind for a more human approach.


12. Include A Mobile Approach

The day is coming when laptops, notebooks and desktops will be considered as updated devices. The world of digital marketing is turning its sight to mobile advertisement. Pages, accounts and platforms that have a bad mobile performance are condemned to failure.


13. Keep Yourself Updated

Being aware of the newest trends and developments is the key for surviving in a competitive that’s always evolving. Reading blogs (like Chili’s) and following digital marketing experts on social media are habits that every online marketer must adopt.

Are there any other tips that you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments! Follow Chili’s blog for more tips and digital marketing insights. If you want to get the most of your digital investment, just contact our team of specialists at any time from anywhere.