10 Optimizations On Page SEO for You to Implement Today!


Are you looking for optimizations to implement on your website? Check out these tips from Chili’s digital marketing and SEO experts!

First of all, let’s answer the following question: What Is On-Page SEO and How to Do Page Optimization in SEO?

On-page SEO (also called on-site SEO) consists in applying online optimization techniques to websites and webpages in order to get a higher position on search engines’ search results pages. These optimizations can be both visible and invisible for users.

Google ranks websites according to three major on-page SEO factors: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. You can mark these as checked on your website soon. How? Following these optimization tips:

1. Use Appropriate Keywords

Keywords are one of SEO’s fundamental aspects. In a basic level, keywords are tags that link web content to users’ online searches. If a user types “wooden Montessori-style toys” on Google, the results page will display, firstly a series of promoted links (ads) and afterwards a listing of organic results. All those results (both organic and paid) contain all or most of the keywords typed by the user.

There are several tools that help us find the right keywords. One of the most used of those tools is Google’s own Keyword Planner.

a. Use Those Keywords Wisely

Google will notice if you’re just adding keywords here and there. If your content is not coherent, it will rank lower on Google’s PageRank. Users will leave your page soon after realising that your content is not relevant and Google will take that into account.

b. Include Keywords on Images, Videos and Metadata

Including keywords in the Metadata section will help Google understand what your webpage is all about. Also, Google needs to “read” images and videos. That’s why it’s important to also include those keywords on images and videos descriptions and titles, and also in the Alt Text.

2. Speed Up Your Website

A slow website not just rejects users, but also dislikes Google. Its algorithm prioritizes faster loading websites.

3. Create Original Content

SEO is not just about algorithms. Behind all these marketing techniques and digital engineering, there’s always people. No algorithm is going to buy your product or hire your services. Don’t lose focus on people.

Original content is a great traffic attracter and it also helps to build authority, one of Google’s SEO pillars. Content Marketing is one of 2021’s digital marketing trends, so remember to include it in your strategy.

If you focus on the users’ experience, you’ll understand that it’s important to keep in mind what people want to know when they search with some specific keywords. If you don’t talk directly to those users, if your content is not relevant, then your page is going to rank badly.

4. Make Your Page Easier For Google To Index

Link Building is a key part of on-page SEO. A broken link means a lower page ranking. Also, websites with a lot of levels of content are harder to index. See this example:


There are 5 levels (5 clicks) users must pass through in order to reach the intended content. Specialists recommend no more than 3 levels.

Also, optimizing URLs means making them easier to read, such as:

examplepage.com/articles/article1 instead of examplepage.com/article/1x2flss112ms

5. Avoid Duplicate Content

A very common mistake is to have related content spread along different pages. See this example:





How could Google understand which of those pages should it take? These kinds of errors make websites harder to place on the PageRank.

6. Use Internal Linking

Another optimization we can implement is internal linking. Properly used, internal linking improves the user experience and favours longer site visits.

7. Protect Users Data

Google valorizes those websites that protect their users’ data. Encrypted information makes websites safer, especially when it comes to eCommerce (click here for on-page SEO for eCommerce tips). That’s why, having a secure and user-respectful website is so important for SEO.

8. Make Sure Your Website Runs Mobile

Laptops, notebooks and desktops are losing ground to mobile devices. Users are changing their online habits and turning to phones and voice searches. In fact, more than 50% of the Internet traffic is done through mobile devices now.

That’s why it’s key to make sure that your website can be easily accessed through mobile and that it works well and fast.

Neglecting this could mean the death of your business in a mid-term, because the mobile era is here to stay.

9. Include Off-Page SEO Techniques Into Your On-Page SEO Strategy

Also, well-structured on-page SEO strategies often include off-page SEO techniques. One of those techniques consists in building links to our website from different channels (YouTube, social media accounts, banners and ads).If many blogs and pages are linking to one’s own content, our page will rise up on Google’s PageRank. A useful way to achieve this is through guest posting.

Guest Posting requires a good level of content, though. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality content producers.

10. Win The Snippet

The snipped is the piece of highlighted content that Google displays after a user’s search. They usually are responses to users’ questions. Google takes a fragment of content from one of its top 10 results to build its snippets.

So, to win the snippet you must be already among Google’s top 10 results. Also, your content must be structured in a way that allows Google to extract a direct answer to a user’s question.

Many snippets are formatted as a very direct and concise paragraph, a table (when it’s useful) or a list.

The truth is that SEO and digital marketing are not steady fields. It’s indispensable to keep ourselves informed about new trends and developments, because this is a fast-changing environment.

You can use an on-page SEO checker to make sure your website is truly optimized. Semrush is one of the most used. You can also make your own on-page SEO checklist.

Chili’s experts are always looking for ideas and inspiration to provide the best on-page SEO services. That constant-learning attitude helped us become one of Latin America’s top digital marketing agencies. If you want to know how to implement these and more on-page SEO optimizations to your business’ website, contact us now.

Have you implemented some on-page SEO optimizations already? Which ones? How did it go? Let us know in the comments!