How to Choose the Best SEO Agency For eCommerce? [STEPS]


eCommerce is here to stay. Not even the 2020 pandemic could stop it. In fact, quite the opposite. eCommerce is growing fast and it’s not just about big companies and brands. 14,1% of all retail sales worldwide were digitally made that year and this trend is expected to increase. Experts believe that online retail sales will reach 22% of all retail sales by 2023.


The Era of eCommerce

The importance of eCommerce is superlative. Businesses that adapted their structures to this new form of trade are already collecting the fruits of their efforts. Those that are just starting have to catch up now if they want to survive in this highly digital world.

In order to do that, companies must adopt a series of strategies, such as optimizing their websites and online stores, research and include targeted keywords, blogging, improve technical issues to guarantee a better user experience (site speed, mobile optimization, site architecture, etc.) and try third-party outreach and link building.

In other words: eCommerce companies need to embrace SEO if they want to thrive. Many organizations have their own digital marketing teams, but the complexity of all digital marketing trends and technological advances (algorithms, AI, automation, etc.) require a keen team of committed specialists.

That’s why businesses are knocking on SEO-focused digital marketing agencies’ doors. But how to choose the right one?

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SEO for eCommerce


We know by now that SEO is a set of techniques for optimizing websites in order to be easily found, categorized and displayed by the internet browsers (especially Google). The idea is to rank among the first places on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

If eCommerceis about online selling, it’s logical to think that SEO for eCommerce must focus on the online store and its products. That’s actually correct, but we must be carefull: we shouldn’t forget to optimize other pages also, such as the homepage, the about page, the F.A.Q. page, the contact page and the blog articles.

Inside our online store, SEO must focus on optimizing headlines and titles, product descriptions, meta data, internal link structure and the website structure. All designed to bring traffic from the search engines

The first thing a good digital marketing agency working with SEO for eCommerce should do is making some research about the company they’re working with and its products, but also researching about the market and the competitors.

Then, a deep keywords search must be done in order to target the right audience. From there, the process turns into the optimization of the homepage and the store and all the actions we’ve described above.

A professional team of SEO-focused digital marketers is always looking for new trends and technological developments in order to be updated in such a fast-changing environment. So, how could we know if an agency is experienced and that it’s actually the right one for our eCommerce business?


Steps for Choosing the Best SEO Agency For eCommerce


Follow these steps and you’ll know how to choose the right SEO agency for your eCommerce business.


1. Know Your Business

Before knocking on an agency’s door, you need to know what you want from them. In order to do so, first you have to analyze your business’ performance, its strength and its weak points.

What do you want to achieve by hiring a digital marketing agency? Do you want more leads? Increase your website’s traffic? Optimize your online store? Would you consider a rebranding strategy? Are you happy with your current website?

If you don’t have a clear idea of your objectives, budget and needs, the whole process will start off on the wrong foot.


2. Make an Agencies’ Research

Some businessmen tend to contact a few agencies and choose the one that offers a lower price for its services. Others look for the most famous ones. There’re even some that stay with a previously-hired agency because they liked their job. These are all valid reasons, but if you want to choose wisely, you must put a little more effort.

A cheaper agency doesn’t necessarily mean that its professionals are bad. It could be just a small business or a start-up. Also, fancy expensive agencies don’t guarantee quality results. In fact, some agencies are strong in certain aspects, but lack experience in others.

Big agencies may be tempting, but sometimes you get a less personalized approach from huge structures. That’s why it’s important to find out how the agency works, how its workflow is and how you want your relationship with it to be.

So, check the agencies’ websites and social media. Ask yourself: does this company have an SEO optimized website? If not, there’s little you can expect from it. Also, check their portfolio and clients. It will tell you if you’re dealing with an experienced agency or not.


3. Ask For Case Studies

Once you have shortlisted your selection of agencies, it’s time to ask for case studies. Analyze the actions they did, the budget they worked with, etc. Remember: agencies will show you their best cases, so keep a critical eye and ask all the questions you want, like who’s going to be in charge of my account? Can I see examples of this person’s previous campaigns?


4. Hear Them Out

Of course, agencies will try to convince you to sign with them. They will promise results and success. That’s not a bad thing, but pay attention to what they promise. No agency can guarantee an exact number of growth or ranking positioning. Instead, agencies that set benchmarks and mid-terms goals are more likely to know what they’re talking about.

See? It’s not an easy task to choose the right SEO agency for eCommerce, but these steps may help you with your decision. If you need further information on how to choose the best SEO agency for your eCommerce business, click here to contact Chili’s experts.

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