Google Ads Audit

Report Features

  • Reduce budget loss based on underperforming keywords and wasted spend
  • A highly relevant negative keyword lists of terms to exclude from your targeting
  • Compare performance based on device targeting and network distribution
  • Improve your rankings and lower your costs with a calculated average Quality Score
  • Determine your best performing ads compared to underperforming ads to create a more effective ad strategy
  • Maximise conversion rates with time slots optimisation
  • Track and analyse 90 days’ worth of data, at a glance
  • A best practices section to guide you in making the best decisions regarding your account performance
Google Ads Audit

How It Works

When you request your free Google Ads Audit, you'll be promptly redirected to our AdwordRobot tool. On this page, you'll be asked to provide strictly Read-Only access to your Google Ads account. After briefly providing some information about your industry and other small details, your Google Ads Audit will be ready before you know it!

Case Study

Eaton Club

Eaton Club engaged Chili to improve their SEO and manage PPC campaigns across Google, Facebook and Instagram. Since beginning their campaign, Eaton Club has achieved a 17.9% click-through-rate. They’ve also improved and reduced their costs, enabling them to place more focus on business development. Don’t just take our word for it - here’s what they have to say!

446% Increase in organic site visits

Our Results Do The Talking

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