Why Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook is still the most popular social media site in the world with nearly 80% of internet users saying they use it for business, pleasure or both.

So, really the question should be why are you not using Facebook ads? Facebook is one of the most cost-effective methods of digital marketing and allows you to target prospective buyers by location, age range, individual buying habits and more.

Think about it; for less than $5 you can target thousands of the people most likely to turn into paying clients, and at a fraction of the cost of some of the more traditional ways of advertising!

So, let’s look at how Facebook ads work and how to make yours a success.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

You might want to talk about your products or services, demonstrate them or just post content that people will engage with and share.

Ultimately, it’s about boosting your brand and driving increased traffic to your website, and what’s most likely to achieve success will vary depending on what you’re selling and who you’re targeting.

You might want to target your campaign by gender, interests, age or even postcode.

You can be as specific as you like in how you narrow down your target audience.

And the best thing is, Facebook has already done all the work around algorithms so all you need to do is tick a few boxes, set your budget and create your post.

Creating A Successful Facebook Ad

We are all targeted by advertising campaigns every day. On TV, radio, billboards and on social media. Everywhere we look there are people trying to sell to us. And for many of us the reaction to that is to put our guard up and be wary.

But often people still don’t want to be sold to. So, think ‘soft sell’. Anything too salesy is likely to turn people off and sometimes familiarity is the key to success. If somebody regularly sees your ad, likes what they see and sees that it’s not in-your-face selling, it increases the likelihood of them visiting your website when they’re ready to buy.

And when you do get them to your website, maintain that same tone. Remember, while some visitors are ready to buy, others are merely showing an interest.

Too much too soon and they’ll click straight back off again.

Other Benefits of Facebook Ads

It goes without saying that a successful Facebook ad campaign will increase traffic to your website. That automatically increases your Google ranking, pushing your site higher up search results. Your ad campaign is easy to measure.

Easy to read data shows you the engagement and conversion rates making it easy to see what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. Facebook users communicate with each other and post reviews meaning other potential clients will often see good reviews about products and services they might buy without even having to look for them.

It’s one of the fastest ways to drive results. Within hours of you posting your ad it can be seen by thousands of people – and don’t forget these are people likely to buy.

Get it right and Facebook advertising is a highly effective online marketing tool which can drive up website traffic, increase sales and decrease acquisition costs as well as boosting brand awareness in an incredibly cost-effective way. All you need to know is who your target audience is.

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