YouTube Ad Campaigns

With more than 1 billion people watching over 6 billion hours of YouTube video every month it’s no surprise that 78.8% of marketers describe it as the most effective video marketing platform. YouTube allows you to engage and interact with customers in a way that other platforms can’t yet match.

But with great power comes great responsibility and with access to so many potential clients you need to make sure you absolutely nail your YouTube marketing strategy. Here we’ll look at how you can maximise this opportunity to increase leads, sales and ROI.

What is YouTube

What exactly is YouTube?

YouTube sits midway between a search engine and a social media site and ranks as the second most popular search engine and the third biggest social media site in the world. According to Forbes, internet users fall into two basic categories; people seeking information and people seeking social interaction. With YouTube uniquely placed as a hybrid of the two it provides access to both.

Now, you may be thinking that many people fall into both categories, and this is true. But people are complex and online marketing strategists will know that the key to getting people engaged is to catch them with their guard down. Let’s face it, we all get sold to, all day every day on the internet and we all like to think that we never buy into it. But the evidence of successful marketing strategies is irrefutable.

So, the trick is to fit your ad campaign to the psyche of the person viewing it – even if you know full well that on another day and in another format, that same person will simply scroll on by. And there is simply no other platform on the planet that can compete with YouTube when it comes to reaching 18-49 year olds online.

YouTube Influences Buying Behaviors

You’ve probably heard of YouTube Influencers and in certain cases they can be useful for big brands. But take a step back and you realise that the existence of YouTube Influences means YouTube influences. Customers actually come to YouTube looking for product information and with an intent to buy. These people are gold dust to a marketing manager. You just need a clued up digital marketing agency to make sure you make optimum use of them.

A YouTube Insights study showed that 66% of beauty product buyers, 72% of automobile buyers and 62% of smartphone buyers said that YouTube influenced their purchasing decisions. A YouTube ad campaign also allows you to show the personality behind the product. Many businesses have turned the camera on their owner or CEO, or on some of their more charismatic employees, to add a personal to the campaign. If you choose to do this just make sure you’re comfortable behind the camera – if not it can backfire quite badly. But if you're cool and confident in the limelight it can be a great way to get viewers to like you – and by default to like what you’re selling.

YouTube indicator

Easy To Track Ad Metrics

YouTube Ad metrics are easy to track, and you can see at a glance which videos are working and which aren’t. This is crucial to your campaign as it means you can amend things that aren’t working or boost things that are. But, as always, remember the stats just tell you the outcome and it’s important to fully evaluate why something has or hasn’t worked as sometimes a few small changes can make all the difference.

Target Your Audience Wisely

Putting your ad in front of those most likely to buy is rule number one of marketing. YouTube allows you to target your audience based on demographics such as age, gender, parental status, location and interests. You can even target people who are actively searching for the product or service you supply. So, it’s important to undertake meticulous research and to know your customer base to ensure you get the best conversion rates. That little bit of extra effort at the outset can make a huge difference in the long run.

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