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SEO for Voice: Increase Your Organic Results Today!

In the near future, people will no longer type wherever they want to search on Google. They will directly ask their electronic devices what they want to know or what they want to be done.

Until recent years, actions like asking your phone how the stock market is performing, giving an order to a domestic appliance just by talking to it or booking a hotel by just saying it out loud next to a speaker were all considered fantasies from science fiction.

Today, however, this is an inevitable trend that’s turning into a habit among the most modern societies. In just a few decades, smart cities, the Internet of Things, the boom of e-commerce, big data, algorithms, automation and artificial intelligence have provoked deep changes in the way we relate to each other and how we interact with the world around us.

If people are using voice search more often, and technological development is accompanying this trend, we can see why digital marketing is turning his attention to audio advertising.

What Is SEO For Voice?

Voice SEO consists in applying strategies to improve a site’s online visibility within the web browsers’ voice search results pages. In order to do that, Voice search SEO follows the guidelines established, primarily, by Google, which holds almost 90% of the market share.

Click here if you need further information on what is search engine optimization.

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How Does Voice SEO Work?

SEO for voice search is an adaptation of the traditional SEO techniques. When a user starts a voice search on Google, the algorithm looks for the answer among its page ranking and when it does it reads out the content from the website considered to be the most relevant.

Therefore, it’s indispensable to work on your website’s SEO in the first place, then focus on local SEO and, lastly, include voice search optimization techniques.

Why SEO For Voice Matter?

Voice search is more than just a trend: it’s the immediate future of SEO. The importance of mobile devices is now widely accepted, but habits change: users are writing less and less.

According to recent studies, 55% of smartphone users do voice searches. Voice Assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant can be found in billions of homes and it’s estimated that its presence will continue to grow.

In fact, those devices are turning into quotidian objects: 49% of its users consider the service these devices provide as indispensable in their daily lives.

To take advantage of the opportunity of investing in SEO for voice search or to let it pass may determine the fate of many businesses in the following years.

How to do SEO For Voice?

Chili’s digital marketing specialist would like to share now a few optimization tips to helps us all understand how to optimize our websites in order to be considered relevant for voice searches:

  • Firstly, optimize your website for “normal” Google search.
  • Include a local SEO approach if necessary.
  • Make sure that your website is loading fast.
  • Use simple language and everyday words.
  • Answer specific questions.

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