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Advertise Your Business on Twitter Ads and Significantly Increase the Reach of Your Results!

Everything happens on Twitter. With more than 330 million active user per month the world’s most famous microblogging service is one of the most attractive platforms for digital marketing.

Do you want to advertise on Twitter? Very well, then. But first you must learn what Twitter Ads are, right? Let’s see:

Person with hand on Twitter

What are Twitter Ads?

Twitter Ads are the blue bird network’s paid advertising service. It’s all about posting tweets directed to certain profiles grouped into audiences that are based on people’s interests, age, gender, geographic location, etc.

How does Twitter Ads work?

The first thing you must do (if you haven’t yet) in order to start advertising on Twitter is to have an account. Once you have defined your country and time zone you’ll be able to start working with Twitter Ads Manager.

Choose a goal

The type of campaign you’ll start depends on the goal you have settled. What do you want from Twitter Ads? There are three basic objectives:

  • Awareness: Do you want to increase your reach? Pay per 1.000 impressions for your promoted tweet to reach more people. Do you want to advertise with in-stream videos? Publish your short video at the beginning of Twitter premium users’ content feed.
  • Consideration: Publish videos or GIFs and pay per view. Do you want users to download your app? Then, you pay per download. Would you prefer users to visit your website? Then, you pay per click. You can also focus on users’ interactions with your promoted tweet. Another option: if you are building an audience you can pay for every new follower.
  • Conversion: Do you want people that already downloaded your app to return to it? Pay for each new click on the app.

Set up your bidding and ad group

How does Twitter decide which ads must be shown first? Through a bidding process in which advertisers compete with each other for capturing a certain audience. This competition is defined both by the quality of the ad and its price.

For creating your campaign you must cluster ads into groups. You can create different ad groups for different targets. Once that’s done you can choose a starting date and an ending date.

At this point you’ll have to decide how much you are willing to pay. You can automate this process. This way Twitter will adjust your campaign according to your budget.

Segment your audience

Define who’s going to see your ads. Target your public according to age, gender, geographic localization, language, OS, etc.

Choose where your ad is going to be displayed

You can choose your ad to be shown on people’s feed or, for instance, among the search results.

Launch your campaign!

Make sure that all the data is correct. Everything OK? Well, you can launch your campaign now.

Person with hand on Twitter

Why Advertise on Twitter Ads?

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social networks. Among the benefits of advertising on Twitter we can list the following:

  • Increase your followers base.
  • Bring traffic to your website.
  • Get visible and gain an online reputation.
  • Increase clicks and conversions.
  • Produce more engagement.
  • Promote apps, products, services and events.

What are the Ad Formats for Twitter Ads?

There are three types of Twitter Ads:

Promoted Tweets

Probably, promoted links are the most popular form of social network advertising. On Twitter (but also on other platforms) promoted tweets are almost identical to a user's tweets. The difference is that promoted tweets are marked as advertisement at the bottom of the message.

Promoted Accounts

Another option is choosing to promote an account. This way you’ll not look for users to see your post, but Twitter to suggest your page to those users. The idea then is to win more followers.

Promoted accounts are shown on the first places of the suggestions list that Twitter displays for each user.

Promoted Trends

The third alternative is also well known: creating hashtags and turning them into trends. If a hashtag you have promoted becomes a Trending Topic it will be available for all users inside your country or region.

This allows us to obtain a bigger reach, but this type of Twitter Ads cost more than the other two. Anyway, remember that there’s no minimum investment on Twitter.

Are you ready for starting working with Twitter Ads? Don’t forget that you can always ask a team of professionals to help you create marketing campaigns on social networks.

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