Way more than selfies and food pictures.

Instagram has an interaction rate with sponsored content 4x higher than Facebook.

It allows you to interact with your audience in a legitimate and compelling way.

Don’t be fooled though – Instagram is not only a tool to spread brand awareness and interact with a younger target audience, it’s also great at generating powerful leads with eye-catching creative and strong call-to-actions that will lead them straight to your website.


Like, share, click and buy!

Facebook is the most used social media platform in Latin America, representing one of the largest user-bases of the platform globally. It’s also the region with the best return-on investment for Facebook advertising. Through remarketing and super-targeting your audience, we can help you generate more leads in no time!


Get 2x more qualified leads with LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn’s audience has a purchase power 4x higher than Facebooks. Only LinkedIn lets you directly target decision-makers inside a corporation and offer you a chance of converting at a rate 300% better than Facebook and Twitter – perfect for advertising high-value products and services.


Let your brand’s voice be heard on Twitter.

Forget traditional news channels. Twitter is the go-to platform that beats guest blogging. It allows you to target keywords and hashtags with a significantly lower cost per impression and clicks. Let’s find your Twitter party and start engaging!

Pay-per-view and explore a multitude of ad formats that fit your budget and objectives with pre-rolls, banner display, overlay ads, sponsored cards and more. Focus your ads on specific channels and videos that match your audience’s behavior and see why YouTube is one of the largest influencing platforms when it comes to driving purchase behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is paid social media marketing more efficient than organic social media posting?
We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but organic social media has died. In a way. While it’s always valid to build content and give your target audience a reminder that you’re there, all your hard work might be going down the drain if it’s only posted organically. Facebook has recently decreased the amount of company specific organic content displayed in a users feed to as low as 2%. Paid marketing on the otherhand will ensure your content reaches your target audience. Content is King, distribution is Queen!
Can social media increase revenues instead of only serving as awareness?
Social media makes it possible for small and large business to target their audiences with laser precision. Moreover, the many formats of ads offered by social media channels allows you to explore different approaches, leverage different channels and most importantly drive qualified traffic to your website that converts visitors into clients.
What channel is the best for social media marketing?
There is no right answer to this question. It’s all a matter of who your buyer persona is and what channel has a majority of your target audience’s demographic as users. It depends on your objectives as well. Preferably, a solid campaign has more than just one channel under its umbrella. We, as human beings, don’t dedicate all our time to the same platform, so why would a marketer or a company? All that is clear is that no matter what business you’re in, there’s always a social media platform that will be an effective channel for result-driven campaigns.

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