LinkedIn ads with Chilli

Why Use LinkedIn Ads?

The power of LinkedIn ads extends beyond the shared characteristics of advertising on other social networks.

The 690+ million users not only engage with content that aligns with their career interests but also 4 out of 5 members have the authority to influence business decisions. These corporate movers and shakers possess 2x the buying power of typical online consumers.

Why use Linkedin ads? The answer to this million-dollar question lies in the fact that 80% of B2B leads come from Linkedin advertising. Additionally, LinkedIn ads have higher engagement rates, conversion rates, and a 13.5% lower cost per acquisition.

LinkedIn ads with Chilli

How Do LinkedIn Ads Work?

A majority of people know LinkedIn as a social media platform created for professionals to showcase their companies, work experience, find jobs, and make industry connections. But, just like Facebook or Google, you can add LinkedIn to your list of powerful ad platforms that can power your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Linkedin provides a range of useful advertising options and the ability to target messages to niche audiences. Furthermore, the platform’s self-service advertising solutions allow you to launch a targeted campaign in minutes.

The Campaign Manager - LinkedIn ad platform- allows you to;

  • Set your own budget (Daily or Total)
  • Choose between clicks or impressions;
  • Get a detailed breakdown of the actions your campaign generates;
  • Stop your ads at any time;

What’s more? You get to choose from three advertising formats: Sponsored Content, Text Ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Dynamic ads, Display ads, and Sponsored InMail.

Creating a Successful LinkedIn Ad

When it comes to LinkedIn ads, choosing the right audience is the key. The good news is, the platform excels at making it possible for you to choose specific parameters for advertising. All you need to do is find the sweet spot between targeting the ideal customer profile and avoiding a narrow focus.

Also, ensure your ad copy is straight to the point, coupled with high-quality images or graphics. This reduces the chances of your audience scrolling past your post, and instead, encourages them to click on your ad’s link that leads them to a blog post, your website, or lead generation form.

Other Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

If you are a B2B company and prefer to target your marketing activities to specific accounts, LinkedIn ads promise tremendous benefits for your business. That’s because the platform has designed its ad options to support Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Plus, LinkedIn provides a lot of professional data about your target account, which boosts the accuracy of your targeting greatly.

Coupled with the personalization options available in the Campaign Manager, you can appeal to your target audience’s curiosity by referring to their name, title, location, and company position, for example. It is important to mention that LinkedIn ads also boost;

  • Traffic to your website
  • Your domain authority
  • Tremendous insights about your customers
  • Brand-awareness

All in a cost-effective way!

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