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It’s well known by now that Social Ads are a key part of any digital marketing strategy. We’ve talked already in this blog about the importance of social media advertising.

This time, however, we’d like to focus on another way of advertising in social media. A way that, certainly, will be of your interest: programmatic native and social ads.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

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What are Programmatic Native and Social Ads?

Programmatics can be understood as a set of techniques for automated purchasing online advertising spaces. This can be achieved through bidding processes where sellers compete with each other for placing their ads.

The importance of programmatics is the contact point between those automated processes and the high level of segmentation that we get using big data, artificial intelligence and algorithms. This way, programmatic ads are very assertive, because it’s all about displaying personalized contents for very specific targets.

Then, programmatic and social ads are those kinds of ads with automated purchasing and placing processes. But we’re still missing a keyword: native.

Native ads are advertising contents that can “camouflage” inside those pages and platforms where they’re displayed as “normal” content. The idea of these kinds of ads is that they don’t look like ads at all.

How do Programmatic Native and Social Ads Work?

Programmatic native and social ads are, usually, graphic content (blogs, articles), videos or images. They tend to appear this way:

  • Feed: When a user scrolls inside a social media feed (like Facebook’s) the advertising content will be displayed alongside contacts and liked page’s posts. The difference between those “natural” posts and the ads is that the advertising content will show a little indication saying “Sponsored”, “Suggested for you” or “Recommended”.
  • Recommendations: These posts are shown at the bottom of a piece of content that users just read on social media as recommended related content.
  • Search Results: Ads appear as sponsored content at the top of Google’s search results page. Technically, this is a native ad, but it’s not social (because Google isn’t a social media, but a browser).
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Why Make Programmatic Native and Social Ads?

Banners and pop ups, “traditional” social media advertising formats, are turning into obsolete ways of marketing.

The trend seems to be heading to native programmatics, in other words, to the automation of online advertising spaces buyings for reaching segmented audiences in social media with non-disruptive content. This is: content that’s integrated to the platforms in such a way that the ads does not constitute something annoying or a distraction for users.

This is not a whim. According to recent studies, native ads are 53% more likely to be seen by users, compared to traditional ads.

It’s important to remember that this is not some kind of trick. Users are perfectly aware of the advertising nature of native ads. The key aspect is the way in which these contents are shown, avoiding what specialists call “ad fatigue” (when users get tired of ads).

How to Advertise with Programmatic Native and Social Ads?

Basically, programmatic native and social ads include a title, an image and a URL. They can also have a short description, but not necessarily. Many times the images “talk” by themselves.

When a user visits a website, the software in charge of automating the bidding processes (Real-Time Bidding), called Demand Side Platform (DSP), sends the ads that will compete for that user’s attention.

The winner ad is automatically created on that website, page or platform for that particular user at that precise moment. There’s the key: the high level of personalization that can be achieved with this type of advertisement.

At Chili we work with programmatic native and social ads for diverse clients. And you? Have you ever used programmatic native and social ads? Leave your opinions in the comments. If you want to know more about programmatic native and social ads, contact our team of Digital Marketing experts right here.

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