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It’s taken as read these days that every company has a website. It’s your gateway to the worldwide market, and for many clients it’s their first impression of your brand so it’s a crucial part of your online marketing. So, it needs to be engaging from the outset and easy to navigate as well as being comprehensive enough so that people leave it with a positive impression of your brand, your products and your ethos, but not so huge it’s full of waffle and filler content.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for your first website or a fully-fledged company looking to refresh and enhance your existing site to attract more customers, get in touch to find out how we can help you get your brand in front of the right people.

Why is a landing page so important?

Your landing page is your first impression. It needs to be visually stunning and full of relevant information and links without being so busy that users find it cluttered. A well-constructed landing page will mean users spend time on it and will enjoy navigating around your site. The longer they spend on the site, the more comfortable they become on it and the more likely they are to buy. Images, downloadable content or sign-up forms are just a few of the tools you can use to engage browsers, kickstart interaction and increase conversion rates.

This means getting rid of the clutter and making your landing page easy to navigate. Nice pictures or slogans that serve no purpose need to go - even if you did spend a whole morning photoshopping them! Sure, users might giggle at your joke or marvel at your artwork, but if it doesn’t encourage them to delve deeper into your site or provide data for your future remarketing campaigns then it’s like a broken pencil - pointless.

Woman landing with a Parachute

Absolutely everything on the landing page has to earn its place there and the focus must be attracting customers to engage in one way or another. And sometimes this means culling content to provide white space around your calls to action to really make them stand out. Remember, user engagement generates leads and promotes brand awareness and these are two of the most important aspects of increasing sales and ROI.

And this isn’t a treasure hunt so even when you’ve got their interest, you still need to make it easy for users to find what you want them to find. Many of them will be skimming or scanning the page so making your key messages stand out is crucial. Bullet points, graphics and color can be useful here. Just don’t make it too busy and ensure that whatever you choose is in keeping with the tone of your website.

Chili is a digital marketing agency with a difference. We understand the importance of the landing page to the overall success of the website and our expert web designers will undertake meticulous research to attract top quality leads to your site and to ensure that visitors are greeted with a site which is packed full of attention-grabbing calls to action.

Studies have shown companies who have reported a 54% increase in sales of a selected product after focusing their landing pages on drawing customers to it through a successful call to action.

Landing page conversion rates

It might surprise you to find that the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is just 2.35%. That doesn’t sound a lot, right? But when you consider that the top 25% of sites are converting at around 5.31%, you quickly realize that a few tweaks can double the amount of leads you generate. Just let that sink in for a minute.

A decent landing page could increase your conversion rate by over 100%! Now that’s a stat worth getting excited about.

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Stay ahead of the game

These days everyone spends more time scrolling on their phone than they do on their desktop or laptop. So, we make sure all our websites are mobile-friendly. From an SEO perspective, a site which is suitable for a variety of devices is likely to rank higher up the rankings than one that isn’t, and of course it also allows users to interact with you brand when and where they want, making them far more likely to turn from browsers to buyers. And higher conversion rates means better ROI and increased profits.

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