What the audit will show you

  • Overall SEO Score: How strong your website is right now.
  • Key tips for technical SEO: This includes response times, page size, and page speed.
  • SEO Recommendations: Powerful tips that will help improve your rankings and traffic instantly.
  • Information about your keywords: Essential information to help you easily avoid a Google penalty.
  • Site-specific recommendations: This may include your website's page size, word count, and other SEO data that is usually ignored.
  • Internal links: Simple recommendations for improvement.
  • Backlink Scoring: This will help you better understand your authority as seen by Google.

Chili’s SEO audit services

Si quieres reforzar la estrategia SEO de tu sitio web, deberías leer esto.

If you want to strengthen your website's SEO strategy, you should read this.

It can be tempting to jump straight into SEO optimization. However, the truth is that you should first take some time to prepare the strategy properly.

In order to run an SEO campaign that will generate a huge amount of traffic, you need context and a thorough analysis, so you know now where your site currently stands.

So what's the best way to accomplish this? By having an SEO audit.

Here at Chili, we designed our SEO audit services to quickly provide you with the information you need.

We don't want to waste your time on unnecessary data: the goal of the audit is to get real answers, with the goal of making immediate improvements and generating a rapid increase in traffic.

No fillers. No talk. Just good stuff!

Oh, and did we mention it's 100% free?

If you're ready to take your SEO to the next level, click the button below to start your free SEO audit service.

What our clients say

Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Thanks to Chili, we obtained good results with our SEO strategies, becoming an example within our niche as one of the first options for home hospitalization. This allowed us to expand our service to other regions. We want to continue growing alongside Chili.
Vitae Health
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We only knew people from our market, retail e-commerce, and with year-round campaigns, we had the opportunity to get to know and be known by other niches like education, for example. After the meetings held, there were numerous closed deals, which I personally consider the biggest gain. We are achieving it. It's a success!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
With Chili, we have a presence worldwide, reaching thousands of new people every day, enabling the enhancement of talents with creativity and the best content.

SEO audit: A general view

What’s an SEO audit?

An SEO audit, run with our own software, provides a detailed overview of the inner workings of your site's SEO. It shows you everything you need to know about the current state of your website, so you get a simplified overview of your SEO. In addition, you also get an action plan to help you know how to proceed. SEO audits come in all shapes and sizes. Some have very basic functions and don't provide much information. Others may yield a lot of data, but the information is very compacted and becomes too complicated to interpret. On the other hand, Chili's SEO audit will show you just enough, in a way that is easy to understand and infinitely actionable. Go to the form above to start your SEO audit today (it only takes 3 minutes!).

What does an SEO audit analyze?

The truth is that SEO is quite complicated. There are many mobile bits and even more details to consider. What is the current authority of your website? Are there a lot of spammy backlinks to reject? Is there a lot of keyword stuffing in your content? How are you ranking for your top keywords? Where do you stand against your competition? Well, our SEO audit helps answer all these questions and more. It provides a basic SEO score for your website and highlights the most urgent issues. This includes tag titles, meta descriptions, internal link analysis, code analysis, and much more. This means you'll have a fresh perspective on your website's SEO, allowing you to take immediate action and increase your traffic.

What is the most important type of SEO?

SEO has undergone many changes in the last 10 years. What began as an easy-to-understand system has evolved into a sophisticated algorithm that must be strategically planned and requires meticulous execution. When it comes to what matters most in SEO, you should focus your efforts in two distinct categories: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is the process of optimizing your website to meet Google's best practices. This refers to meta titles, images, text, links and more. Each of these aspects is fully addressed in the audit. Off-page SEO is the process of obtaining backlinks that redirect to your website to improve authority in the eyes of Google, something the audit also addresses. By focusing on these two things and implementing the right changes, you will see organic traffic increase exponentially.

What’s a keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding the terms that people use in search engines to get answers, with the goal of getting them to our site. Knowing what exact terms are used in Google searches can help your SEO and marketing strategy.

What’s on-page SEO?

Once you get your SEO audit, it is most likely that on-page SEO will be the aspect you should spend the most time on. This is due to the nature of on-page SEO: there's a lot going on at the same time! Whether it's the content or the coding of your website, on-page SEO encompasses everything that can be optimized on the actual site. An SEO audit starts with an analysis of both the desktop and mobile versions of your website. It evaluates both the loading speed of the home page, as well as the content of the home page. From there, the audit will inspect your site's content, including titles and subtitles, descriptions, image analysis, copy, links, indexing, code, and much more. While it may seem overwhelming, all of this information is presented in a way that is easy to understand, so you can take whatever action you think is necessary.

What’s off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO encompasses any strategy we execute outside our site, such as Google My Business or linkbuilding. It is fundamental for building domain authority.

Is there anything that the audit won’t show?

Although our SEO audit is extremely comprehensive, it is necessary to have a specialist examine some parts of your website. For example, an SEO expert can analyze current content, current rankings and keywords. Experts can also help with other things, such as analyzing backlinks, rejecting poor quality backlinks, improving the coding of your website, publishing high quality content and much more. Think of our audit as the start of your journey in the SEO universe! However, to catapult your traffic, you'll need a committed team to take care of strategy and execution. If you're interested in taking your SEO to the next level and generating more traffic, we recommend you get your audit done and take it to an expert or SEO agency.

How an SEO audit can help your company

What can an SEO audit do?

An SEO audit is key to knowing what condition your website is in with respect to SEO. Are your headings SEO-friendly? Are your pages well-indexed? Are your images sized correctly? Do your images have the right alt text? Does your website have the right meta descriptions? These are some of the questions that the SEO audit will answer. Another important aspect of the SEO audit is the code analysis. In this part, it shows the total number of obsolete HTML tags, the size of the HTML page, the ratio of text to HTML, and how many occurrences of inline CSS your site has. Although it may sound like technical jargon, these aspects are crucial to your on-page SEO.

How can an SEO audit help my business?

Have you ever heard that "knowledge is power"? Well, if we take it literally, an SEO audit can be extremely powerful for your business. That's because a full audit removes SEO assumptions from your website. There are no more assumptions. No more confusion. No more moving blindly. You just need an SEO audit that is simple to read, easy to understand, and has all the information you need to increase your organic traffic. After analyzing the report, it's time to take your audit to an SEO professional in order to inspect it and decide the next course of action. Once you have received your audit, feel free to contact us so we can help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Do I really need an audit before improving my SEO?

Technically speaking, you don't need an SEO audit before optimizing your site for search engines. In theory, you can do your own research and guess what the current problems are on your website. You can also create a strategy to help it grow and try to identify what its strengths are. However, truth be told, all of this will be much more effective with the help and guidance of a proper SEO audit. SEO audits show you things that an untrained person probably won't notice. It gives you in-depth information about the details of your website's SEO and helps you design a more accurate strategy in the future. Trust us, an audit is an important first step in creating a high-level SEO campaign.

What does Chili SEO audit shows, exactly?

Chili's SEO audit provides detailed information about your website and shows you exactly what is preventing you from ranking better in search engines. The audit is basically divided into three parts: content, indexing and coding. The content part examines your site's text, keywords, image sizes, alt tags, meta descriptions, meta titles, internal links, external links and much more. They may seem like little things, but they really add up. From there, the audit provides information about your indexing, mainly making sure your page has robots.txt and that your site has a proper sitemap. Finally, the Code Analysis section goes into detail about your site's coding. It reports on your deprecated HTML tags, HTML size, text to HTML ratio, compression, inline CSS occurrences, internal CSS occurrences, microdata schema and more.

How long does the SEO audit take?

Our SEO audit is not designed to diagnose ALL the problems on your website: that would yield too much information that would be more confusing than helpful. Instead, our audit reports on some of the main issues that your website is facing, delivered in a way that is easy to read and understand. The audit is divided into different sections. At the top, you'll see a score: this is your website's overall SEO score and shows how solid your site is at the time. Don't panic if your score is not perfect, it just means that your site has a lot of things to improve! Below, you will see the number of problems that the audit was able to detect.

What should I do after reading my website’s SEO audit?

Your audit reports on key points of your website's SEO, most of which you probably didn't even know about! But when it comes to SEO, "knowing" represents only half the battle. From there, you'll need to do something about the problems the audit revealed. To do so, we recommend hiring an SEO expert or SEO agency. SEO agencies, like Chili, have been helping companies like yours improve their SEO and get better rankings for over 10 years. When we receive an SEO audit like this, we know exactly how to read it and what to do next. Our digital strategists and technology experts will analyze your audit and create a tailored strategy for your brand that will result in better rankings, more traffic, and increased revenue.

Can I work on my website’s SEO on my own?

Working with SEO on your own has its advantages: the main one is control. Many companies prefer to work their marketing strategy in-house, as this gives them complete control and oversight of the entire SEO campaign. However, the truth is that this control is inaccurate. In fact, if you work with an excellent agency, you will find that you will have more control over your SEO than you ever imagined possible, all while running the campaign in a streamlined manner. This is because top agencies already have the systems and procedures in place. This means that your account manager will keep you informed of everything that's going on, and nothing will be activated or changed without your explicit permission. Also, working with an agency means that you will have an entire SEO department working hard to get your website to the top of the rankings.

Does Chili offer SEO services?

Of course! Here at Chili, we've spent the last 10 years helping businesses like yours get to the top of the rankings and blow up their organic traffic. It doesn't matter if you have a small local business or a company poised for global domination, we have the talent, tools, and tenacity to get you to the top. In fact, we pride ourselves on being more than an SEO agency: we're your business partners. We spend time understanding your business model, researching your competition, and formulating a tailored strategy that directly affects your bottom line. If you want an SEO campaign that works alongside your digital sales funnel, contact one of our digital strategists today.

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