Search Ads Management Takes You Straight to the Top

Appear at the very top and start converting highly relevant traffic

Imagine being at the very top of searches related to your product and making $3 for every $1 you spend on advertising? That’s a possibility with Google Search Ads.

When executed perfectly, Search Ads can be an immediate source of much needed conversions to your business. Being the most prevalent form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Search Ads allow you to tap into the millions of searches done every day, while improving your real-estate on the first page results and driving your audience straight to pages on your website they might be interested in.

At Chili, we help you create the perfect ad campaign, targeting high-converting keywords that your audience searches for, while increasing your relevancy score to optimize your budget and increase your ROI for every click you get.

Best of all? You only pay when results are generated, so your campaign can be optimized on the spot!

Get an Instant Boost Against Competitors

Earn $3 for every $1 you spend

Search Ads cover a gigantic 85% of the space at the top of page results. Moreover, a properly executed campaign can take even more space (space that your competitors won’t have) with extensions that lead your audience to specific parts of your website more relevant to the keywords they typed to find you – increasing conversion rates significantly.

Tired of being outranked by your competitors? Through responsible bidding and clever keyword targeting, we can get you on the very top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), paying less and converting more than they do.

Search Ad campaigns can benefit from SEO campaigns, decreasing the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) based on a higher Google Relevancy Score. It can also help drive consumers down the funnel from Awareness (Social and Display) to the moment they decide to make a purchase-intent search and find your website as their first and most relevant option.

Results That Are Seen – Everywhere

We’ll run Search Ads tailored to your business through market research and competitor analysis. We’ll identify low-hanging fruits that we can immediately start picking with precise keyword targeting, remarketing and campaign fine-tuning.

Running local stores that need visibility? We will literally get you on the map, getting clients to check your location and visit you.

Need more conversions on your eCommerce store? We’ll send people straight to specific product pages and categories that are relevant to the keywords they’ve searched for.

Need to get more App downloads and increase your user-base? We’ll feature your app on the top results of the Play Store and Google Search and ensure clicks are coming through and downloads are being made.

For every cent put into your campaign, we’ll report back with reliable and transparent Google Analytics information, as well as a simplified dashboard for you to easily assess how the campaign is doing through KPIs that really matter.

We’re constantly searching for something. Be constantly found for what you do!

Management that Excels

Management that Excels

How can we execute campaigns as if we were your own in-house team? We start with a thorough situational analysis to understand your real pains, what’s causing them, and what to immediately attack. With this holistic view of your business objectives, we’re able to put together a solid strategy that leverages your overall efforts and paves a road to success.

Chili will align your budget, goals and expectations and give you transparent access to your campaign’s developments and results. We’ll serve as your strategic partners, pointing out opportunities for campaign improvement, controlling every penny spent on the campaigns and ensuring they’re generating the desired return on investment for you and your company.

Knock knock – who’s there? Leads! We’ve taken them to your doorstep, are you ready to open your doors to let them in?

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