5 best practices related to digital marketing

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When we talk about digital marketing, there are many concepts and too much information that comes to mind. But, even when it seems a lot to understand, it’s always a good idea to research about some other brands that have succeeded in this path.

Furthermore, keeping up with competitors is always needed. So, searching about best practices in digital marketing is a useful strategy to follow as a company. Especially these days when there is so many information available at the reach of your hands.

To keep you updated, here are some of the best practices related to digital marketing

Just like in technology field, digital trends evolve every single day, so pay attention to not be left in the dust.

Many companies such as Nielsen have summarized consumer insights taken from pulls that offer valuable information about facts and statistics on digital marketing and help business to apply this knowledge in their strategies. Let´s get started:

1. It’s all about experience

Nowadays marketing strategies must be designed thinking about the customer and its experience while they are in contact with our brand, so it’s very important to give a personalized experience.

Email marketing is a good way to approach this concept and the average of email open rate can be improved if you personalize your message; this way customers won´t see you like spam but will receive this as a message designed especially for them. Use their names and give content according to their preferences and you will be building a bond and a long-lasting relationship, longer than the purchase cycle for sure.

2.  Videos that rock!

Consumers are more into videos lately, studies of digital trends assure that 55% of people consume this type of content often and increasing every day. Also, almost 50% of internet users look for products information on video before buying, so having videos is a great way to improve sales. Besides, traffic to your web can be increased over 150% through videos. You can attract and engage your customers by creating and editing powerful videos using a video editor.

3. Offer powerful and relevant content

As you may have read before, content is the key aspect to attract and engage consumers, honestly content is everything! Having the right content can triplicate your leads compared to traditional paid search advertising. This is way more effective than other efforts you surely tried before.

Be sure to know your audience, what do they like? What are their expectations and their habits? and only then create content related to that, be the reliable source of information they are looking for, have an interesting blog and create bonds with your audience.

Remember to include videos previously posted on YouTube and you can even give the chance to visitors to download the content if they want to.

4. Use clean data

As you know targeting your audience is a must to be successful in digital marketing, but to achieve this you need to be sure of the quality of your data.

The key to success with your campaigns will be determinate by how accurate your data is.

Emails can change in less than a year so you need to update your data frequently. Also try to collect extra data such as an address, phone number, social media accounts, and others.

5. Metrics are important

To have relevant data allows yourself to analyze the performance of every campaign. This way you will see which platforms were more effective, how consumers reacted to the message, and all the details you need to know to focus your effort on what is proven to work.

You can access to free analytics tools or hire a team of experts like us at Chili to do all the heavy work for you with the accuracy you need, from start to finish and through all the process of your campaigns.

We are creative and hard workers, in love with digital marketing and we are willing to work with your team to get incredible results! Your goals are not impossible nor unreachable, we are truly experts and will achieve success with you.