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46% Growth in Leads Through PPC Strategies


Chili’s Expertise in Paid Campaigns Boosts Results for Aliança


Increase in conversions







The Challenge:

The main challenge faced by Aliança was to improve its lead acquisition strategy and optimize the return on investment in digital advertising. This involved not only increasing the number of leads but also reducing the costs associated with obtaining them. 

Services Used:


Over a quarter, Aliança focused on maximizing its visibility and lead generation through paid media campaigns, with strategic support from Chili. The main goal of the campaign was to increase the reach for specific services, aiming for higher conversion in a competitive market.


Our Approach:



Chili’s expertise in PPC enabled Aliança not only to achieve a significant increase in lead generation but also to enhance the efficiency of its advertising campaigns. The 30% reduction in CPA and the 200% increase in clicks reflect a highly optimized campaign that maximized the return on investment, while the 55% increase in impressions demonstrates a considerable expansion in the reach of the campaigns. The partnership with Chili was crucial in achieving these results, combining meticulous analysis with strategic execution.

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