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Mastery in SEO: 725% Growth in First-Page Keywords

Chili catalyzes Pastre’s digital transformation in the road equipment sector


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The Challenge:

Improve search rankings for specific technical terms in their sector, aiming to attract more qualified traffic and convert this traffic into effective leads and sales.


Over fifteen months, Pastre implemented a robust SEO campaign to increase its visibility in the competitive road equipment market, focusing on products such as dump trucks and rodotrem trailers.

Our Approach:



Pastre’s SEO efforts resulted in notable advancements in various key metrics. The increase in impressions and sessions demonstrates significantly higher visibility and expanded site reach. The 725% increase in first-page keyword rankings reflects an effective strategy to improve brand visibility. This growth is complemented by the impressive 1,428% increase in clicks, indicating not only a rise in traffic but also an improvement in content relevance and the ability to attract qualified visitors.

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