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PPC Success: 444% Growth in Conversions

 Partnership with Chili boosts Stemwell’s international visibility




Increase in clicks





The Challenge:


Introduce and establish Stemwell in the North American market as an innovative leader in stem cell treatments.




Over a three-month period, Stemwell, with the support of Chili, focused intensely on paid media campaigns to promote its advanced stem cell treatments in the international market, aiming to increase the visibility and attractiveness of the treatments offered by Stemwell, using strategies of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to reach a wider and more qualified audience. 

Our Approach:



The PPC campaign, designed and executed with the help of Chili, resulted in an exponential increase in engagement and conversions, solidifying Stemwell’s presence as an innovator in the field of medical treatments. These results demonstrate that the strategies of precise targeting, targeted lead generation, continuous landing page optimization and use of educational materials were extremely effective in positioning Stemwell as a leader in the North American stem cell treatments market. The campaign not only increased Stemwell’s visibility in the international market, but also established a solid foundation for the brand’s continued growth and recognition as a reference in advanced stem cell treatments.

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