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SEO Advancement: 323% Growth in Keyword Ranking

Robust SEO Strategies by Chili Boost Market Visibility in the Insurance Sector


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The Challenge:


Significantly enhance online visibility for highly competitive terms in the public relations sector, positioning the company as an authority in strategic communication and reputation management. 


Over eight months, Multinational, a leading public relations and strategic communications company, collaborated with Chili to optimize its online visibility. This initiative aimed not only to improve organic ranking but also to position the company as an essential reference in reputation management and corporate communication.

Our Approach:



The campaign provided notable improvements in site traffic and visibility. During the campaign period, Multinational experienced an 11.78% increase in impressions, reaching 29.7K impressions. Clicks also increased by 12.03%, totaling 3.0K clicks. Additionally, the click-through rate (CTR) rose to 10.15%, representing a growth of 0.23%.

The number of users increased by 15.71%, with 2.7K users, while new users grew by 15.85%, totaling 2.5K new users. Sessions significantly increased, with a 19.53% growth, reaching 4.0K sessions. The bounce rate decreased by 4.07%, reaching 33.30%, and the average session duration slightly increased to 03m45s, a growth of 0.27%. Conversions substantially increased, with a 42.34% growth, totaling 390 conversions, and the conversion rate rose to 14.31%, representing a 23.01% increase.

These results highlight the effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented by Chili, reinforcing Multinational’s position as a leader in the public relations and strategic communication market.

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