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SEO Growth: 50% of Bold Snacks’ Keywords on the First Page

Collaborative Optimization Strategies with Chili Elevate the Brand


Keyword ranking


Increase in impressions


Increase in organic sessions



The Challenge:


Increase the relevance of competitive terms related to healthy snacks and protein products.


Over nine months, Bold Snacks, with assistance from Chili, focused on optimizing keyword positioning to attract more organic traffic in the healthy snacks market.

Our Approach:



Bold Snacks’ efforts resulted in a significant increase in online visibility with substantial growth in the number of keywords positioned on the first pages and in the top 3 search results. The improved visibility was evidenced by a 13% increase in clicks and a 40% increase in impressions. Additionally, conversions increased by 301% in March, demonstrating a remarkable improvement in the site’s effectiveness in converting visitors into customers. These results reflect the success of the implemented SEO strategies and the importance of continuous monitoring to maintain good keyword positioning and improve those that require attention.

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