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SEO Success: 1,150% Growth in First-Page Keywords

Chili’s SEO strategies elevate Aliança’s online performance


Keyword ranking







The Challenge:


Stand out for highly competitive and sector-specific terms in transportation, improving not just keyword rankings but also converting increased traffic into qualified leads.


Over a year, Aliança, with assistance from Chili, focused on optimizing its SEO strategy to improve its position in the highly competitive transport and logistics market.

Our Approach:



Aliança experienced a remarkable advancement in online presence. The significant increase in first-page keywords, improvements in impressions and clicks, along with the impressive growth in organic conversions, indicate a successful visibility strategy. These results highlight how the partnership between Aliança and Chili overcame specific industry challenges and achieved significant SEO success. Aliança not only improved its search rankings but also transformed increased traffic into qualified leads, demonstrating the positive and tangible impact of the implemented SEO strategies.

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