4Geeks is a bootcamp and the ideal place to promote the career of several young people who have the desire to learn programming topics. What distinguishes 4Geeks from its competitors is the methodology they use to train developers in just a few months, since 86% of those who participate in the program get better job opportunities.

Chili's mission is to accompany them in generating more leads in the Spanish-speaking market with the goal of expanding to Latin America. 

Growth statistics








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The challenge

Our biggest challenge was to generate around 100 leads per month for each country in which we have a presence (Colombia and Costa Rica) with a limited budget while reaching potential customers in Latin America. 

Our strategy


With 1 year of work with 4Geeks, we have achieved incredible results. On Facebook alone we obtained 167% of clicks, while impressions had a total of 569%, on the other hand, leads increased 7,000 % compared to previous periods and we had a reach of more than 320%.

On the other hand, the Google result with the Chili campaigns was notorious with 909% of clicks. Likewise, the number of impressions increased to 901% and we increased the number of leads to 782%.

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