On this occasion, we would like to present the success story of a Colombian e-commerce store. This company is dedicated to the commercialization of women's underwear directed towards those women who seek to feel self-confident, beautiful and powerful without giving up maximum comfort.

The product line of this empowering business includes products that help women enhance their figures, improve posture or provide greater comfort in general. Its clothing stands out for being imperceptible, functional and comfortable.

Since the beginning of 2022, this online store has been working together with Chili on a PPC (pay-per-click) project with the goal of taking their sales to the next level and continuing to improve the lives of women who want to feel powerful and bold.

Let's see how they have grown with our help.

Growth statistics




Average CPA





The challenge

This client had never worked ad campaigns before and started their growth journey with Chili. Therefore, it was up to us to make sure they had a more than successful debut.

Our biggest challenge was to generate 450 monthly sales with the lowest possible CPA (under $20). This was a challenge as the number of conversions to be achieved was very high and we had to keep our budget limited. In addition, we had to make sure we were reaching the right audience, avoiding unnecessary clicks that would end up wasting money.

Our strategy


In just TWO MONTHS and considering that the client had never worked ad campaigns before, we achieved almost 7 million impressions, compared to the few impressions Femmenine had before we created their campaigns on Pinterest. 

We also managed to increase the number of clicks to over 110 thousand and achieved 1927 conversions when the goal was 450, which is 428.22% conversions above our goal. This helped us reach an incredibly low CPA (well under $20!) which reaffirmed our result of managing to avoid irrelevant clicks.

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