What Will Your Competitor Audit Include?

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

We will show you what keywords are driving the most traffic to your competitors, as well as the highest performing ads and strategies they have been driving.

Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

We will identify areas your competitors are lacking but your audience is clearly present, giving you the upper hand to tap into these potential customers before they do.

Onsite SEO Analysis

Onsite SEO Analysis

We will tear your competitors’ websites apart, showing keyword strategy, domain authority and even traffic volume and quality they have been getting!

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis

With our spy tools we will allow you to see where your competitor’s traffic comes from, and how you can leverage those channels yourself. We will even show you how much your competitors spend on their ads to get said traffic!

Work With What Works

The digital world is forever changing. It is of utmost importance businesses keep informed on these changes so they can lead and not put out fires all the time. The latest changes include:

Google Ads
Google Search Ads take the initial 4 positions on the search page results (SERPs)
Most local
Local searches prioritize Google Maps and local listings above the fold
Mobile search
Mobile-first websites are a must for a world where mobile searches are more common than desktop searches
PPC expansionand
Extensions from PPC push organic results down the fold

Our Results Do The Talking

Piyo Baby Graph Piyo Baby Graph
Super-cons.com Graph Super-cons.com Graph
HomeCare Medical Graph HomeCare Medical Graph

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