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If you want to sell on the Internet it is impossible to ignore Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ company is one of the five big technology giants, along with Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. Every month more than 187 million people visit

There are more than 12 million products listed on Amazon. So, how to make your brand reach those users? Through SEO.

What is SEO for Amazon?

Search Engine Optimization is a group of techniques for improving a website or digital ad’s placing in a results’ page such as Google’s, Bing’s or Amazon’s.

Considering the huge amount of products available on Amazon, how to make our product appear among the first ones? Optimizing our content for making sure that the algorithm (called A9) will easily find it relevant for the users.

How can I optimize my Amazon’s ad? Applying some techniques of SEO for Amazon on the structure, the content and the metadata.

This way, when users search for a product through some keywords, the most optimized ads will be shown on the first places of Amazon’s results page.

Let’s find out more about those techniques.

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How does SEO for Amazon work?

The A9 algorithm generates a ranking of products that are shown on Amazon’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when a user types some specific keywords.

How does that ranking work? Amazon classifies all products based on the odds it has to be bought by the user. If your product includes the same keywords as the user’s search Amazon will analyze your product’s performance in the pass in orded to calculate its buying chances.

Amazon’s optimization includes:

  • Keywords optimization.
  • Product’s title optimization;
  • Image optimization;
  • Backend keywords
  • Pricing strategy;
  • A9 algorithm.
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Keywords are very important for Amazon’s algorithm.

A9 algorithm will list your product on the search results page according to some criteria:

  • Your keywords’ relevance;
  • The user’s previous actions and behaviour;
  • Your product’s past performance.

Besides, Amazon offers the possibility of including a hidden list of keywords (backend) where you can include groups of words that users may use to find a product like the one you’re selling (such as “white cotton shirt” or “design flower vase”).

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Why SEO for Amazon?

In the US only Amazon is responsible for half of all products sold online. The numbers are impressive: 9 of 10 online buyers check the price in Amazon before deciding, even if they’re purchasing somewhere else.

Amazon is the undisputed world’s ecommerce giant. 95 million people have Amazon Prime accounts. Each one of them spends an average US $1.400 per year.

Having your products listed on Amazon means accessing a huge market. But posting your products is not enough. If your product does not appear on the first two results pages it’s unlikely that it will be sold at all. That’s why it’s so important to develop strategies for better placing your products on Amazon’s ranking. And the best way to do it is through SEO.

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