What is On-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page Search Engine Optimization specializes on all the strategies you can apply to your website without relying on external pages, as opposed to Off-Page SEO, which depends on them, like backlinks do. Some of the best practices of On-Page SEO include tracking your website’s rank on keyword, working on your On-Page optimization, checking your meta descriptions, making sure your URLs are short and clear, and improving your internal links.

By asking for our agency’s analysis, you can make sure your webpage is properly assessed by Google and can reach the first SERP!

Help your potential clients help you

Help your potential clients help you

Have you been working hard on your webpage, but there seems to be no evident improvement? Maybe your strategy is not the perfect one for your goals, or you are not sure how to tackle a particular issue.
Worry not!

Our On-Page SEO agency has a group of experts at your disposal, that will work harder than anyone to pinpoint the best strategy for you. From technical On-Page SEO to On-Page SEO for ecommerce, our team has the experience to handle it professionally. After we finish offering you our services, your potential clients will be well-defined and on their way to your webpage!

Leave it in the hands of our experts

Leave it in the hands of our experts

What would an On-Page SEO Agency do after auditing a web page? One of the most common mistakes we find is that some web pages are not optimized, which makes it difficult for customers to find them organically.

After an On-Page audit, our agency makes sure to design a customized comprehensive strategy so our SEO experts can start optimizing right away. If you were unsure of the ideal keywords for you, we will conduct a deep research. find them, contrast them to the ones your competition uses, and create a topic cluster. That way, if deemed necessary, content can be written strategically.

Relevant elements such as title tags, headers, URLs, and meta descriptions will also include these keywords, so your clients find your web page faster and exactly when they need it, for the purpose they have.

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Unlock the potential of your website with our precise On-Page SEO strategies and get ahead of your competition!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?
While both are useful for improving your ranking within the SERPs, the main difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO is where they operate. The first one implies processes in your own web page, such as improving your headers, URLs, internal links and more, while the second one includes link-building and posting on social media, which occur outside of your web page.
How do I conduct an On-Page SEO audit?

Although we recommend contacting a specialized agency for an audit, these are some of the steps we recommend to take in order to conduct an On-Page SEO audit:

  • Make sure your title pages include a keyword
  • Check your meta descriptions fit the characters limit
  • Simplify your URLs, so they are short and clear
  • Include relevant images with an alternative text
  • Use internal linking with a precise anchor text

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