What is a podcast and what is it for? LinkedIn Podcast Network


What is a podcast and why should I run one on LinkedIn?

When it comes to establishing the authority and trustworthiness of a brand, there is no more relevant social network than LinkedIn. And, if we add the power of the podcast to that, we get the perfect combo for any company.

In 2022, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Podcast Network, their own podcast platform dedicated to topics such as technology, recruiting, mental health, and other topics related to business and the workplace.

That is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this short article. Let’s go!

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network dedicated to the world of work and employment. Its users are usually companies and professionals, who share their researches, job content, information about a certain industry or sector, etc.

This social network was launched in 2003 and it was “asleep” for a long time, having few users and almost no activity. However, the pandemic caused the popularity of LinkedIn to explode and today it is more active than ever.

In Mexico alone, LinkedIn has more than 18 million users and reaches 830 million worldwide. But more important than the number, is that those users generate a lot of content and have established a strong community.

What is a podcast?

Do you know what a radio show is? Well, a podcast is like a radio show, with the difference that you can listen to a podcast whenever you want (and from any mobile device or computer).

In slightly more technical terms, a podcast is a digital audio file that a user can download or stream with apps like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

A podcast can consist of a single episode or be part of a long series. Other than that, it is a super flexible format, so it is difficult to pigeonhole them. A podcast can last a few minutes or several hours, it can be recorded live or edited, it can deal with any subject or include interviews…

In short, you can find pretty much anything you want, and perhaps that is why podcasts are so popular. In Mexico, particularly, it is estimated that some 34 million people will listen to a podcast in 2022, a figure that could reach 40 million in 2025.

This success is also due to the fact that audio content is easier to consume, since it can be listened to while driving, cooking, training and doing other daily life activities.

What is the LinkedIn Podcast Network?

Due to the great popularity of the format, LinkedIn decided to launch its own podcast network this year: the LinkedIn Podcast Network.

It is a network of podcasts made by different experts on the topics that this social network usually deals with, some of them even made by LinkedIn executives, such as its co-founder, Reid Hoffman.

The programs deal with technology, job search, interviews with entrepreneurs and company managers, advice of all kinds, etc.

LinkedIn users can follow their favorite podcasters and listen to their shows on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms. In addition, the LinkedIn Podcast Network is linked to other content such as newsletters, live events, and videos.

What is the point of making a podcast on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to contact a very specific audience. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn users are mostly professionals.

On the other hand, according official data from LinkedIn, its users have twice the purchasing power of the average internet user and 80% are responsible for making decisions within their respective companies.

Consequently, making a podcast on LinkedIn is ideal for reaching this type of audience, which makes the LinkedIn Podcast Network especially interesting for B2B companies.

While the platform is not yet open to everyone, there is a form available for those interested in uploading content.

To conclude, we must say that the LinkedIn Podcast Network is something very new, the future and impact of which is yet to be seen. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to get to know the platform and become familiar with it, since podcasts, whether on LinkedIn or not, have proven to be a great digital marketing tool.