How to do branding campaigns on YouTube?


There is only one formula to succeed in branding campaigns on YouTube: Stand out from the rest. Of course, among millions of videos and channels, that’s not easy at all.

YouTube’s global reach makes it the perfect tool for building brand awareness, but for that you must first get found, and then deliver a good and consistent experience. 

Below, we’ll explain the fundamentals to achieve it.

What are branding campaigns?

A brand is nothing more and nothing less than the personality and identity of a company.

In companies that take marketing seriously, the brand is the result of a process, of conscious and oriented actions to create that brand and to relate to potential and current customers through it.

The objective behind any branding campaign is for the target audience to recognize the company and have a positive impression of it.

Why should you use YouTube for branding campaigns?

According to data , 88% of video marketers use YouTube, which is by far the most popular video platform.

Why? As we said, YouTube’s reach is global. Therefore, it is a platform that allows you to go as far as you want (and can).

YouTube also has a strong component of interaction with users: Videos are shared, commented on, and liked. Meanwhile, you have the option to subscribe to channels to stay up to date with their publications.

Yes, it is a full-fledged social network, with all the benefits that this implies in terms of community generation.

5 tips for branding campaigns on YouTube

1. Define your brand

You can’t communicate something that doesn’t exist. Therefore, the first step is to define what your brand will be like.

In relation to YouTube, this could mean:

  • Define what tone you will use for your videos (humorous or serious, close or distant, professional or casual, etc.);
  • design a logo for your profile picture, if you don’t already have one;
  • choose a color palette that reflects your brand personality;
  • select an image for the banner;
  • write a description for your profile;
  • record a teaser for your channel;
  • and define an aesthetic for the thumbnails and a format for their descriptions.

Never forget that one of the fundamentals of branding campaigns is to offer a consistent and easily recognizable experience.

2. Create a good introduction and closing for each of your videos

If you want to stand out from the rest, all your videos should have the same introduction and closing.

These segments can last a few seconds and you don’t need to say anything in them. Showing a short animation or image and some music it’s more than enough. 

That will already make your brand look much more professional and your videos can be instantly identified. If you don’t know what to do, get inspired by your favorite YouTube channels.

3. Make a publication calendar, and stick to it!

Of course, at the beginning of a branding campaign your enthusiasm is intact and you are likely to upload a fair amount of videos.

But what will happen after a few weeks and months pass? Or, even worse, what will happen when your first videos do not have the impact you expected them to have?

It is important to understand that branding campaigns are medium and long term efforts. Also, users who follow you deserve to receive new content regularly, otherwise they will have no reason to visit your channel again.

Our advice is that it doesn’t matter when you make the videos. You can keep a stock of them if necessary, but post them at regular intervals (at least twice a month.)

4. Don’t harass your followers

There are few things more annoying than a content creator insisting that they subscribe to their channel and explaining repeatedly how to do it.

YouTube users already know how to subscribe to a channel and turn on alerts. Therefore, if they find the content interesting and they think it’s worth it, they will do it.

Instead of interrupting the video to explain it, just overlay a short animation of a cursor clicking the subscribe button.

Believe it or not, users will understand the message and, if they are interested, they will follow you.

5. Learn everything you can about YouTube Ads and SEO

As we said at the beginning of this article, branding campaigns can only succeed if users know they exist.

To achieve this, you can use YouTube Ads, YouTube’s ad platform that stands out for its easy-to-read metrics and high targetability.

On the other hand, YouTube has its own search engine and its own SEO; that is, its own techniques to optimize the content so that it can be found easily.

Now, YouTube still can’t watch a video and understand what it’s about. What it does is using the metadata of each video, in other words, the title, description and keywords. Putting that information correctly will make the video be found by those users who are looking for it.

If you don’t know how to put ads on YouTube or need help with your YouTube branding campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Chili we have experts in branding and SEO on YouTube, and we can offer you a free audit and a quote for our services. Yes, as you just heard, completely free!