3 characteristics of a good digital marketing agency in Panama


It is no secret that the digital world is has all industries and businesses constantly moving, which is why the market for digital marketing agencies is on the rise in Panama. According to data from NichoSEO, digital marketing agencies in Panama are rising pretty quickly.

But what makes a marketing agency the ideal one for you?

Having a digital strategy in your business is essential and that is why it isimportant to have allies who are experts in the field with the goal of campaigning data-driven marketing to position yourself correctly.

If you are thinking of hiring a digital marketing agency to position your brand, below we share some characteristics that you should take into account to make the right decision.

1. Experience

Look for a digital marketing agency that offers and exhudes confidence. Reading about their case studies will show you the capacity and expertise of the internal work team.

An experienced agency will accompany you all the way and show the development plan they have for you and your business.

2. Method

A well-established agency already has internal and external work methods, some provide you with monthly activity reports and update of campaign data. In a nutshell, you will not be chasing your agency so that your projects are on time, since they will provide you with information for you to know the stages and posting dates.

 3. News

The digital world is constantly changing, for this reason, a good marketing agency will always be updated to offer you a service with high standards in quality, innovation and strategies for your brand.

Services offered by a digital marketing agency

There are companies that focus only on the field of user experience design. However, the core of the business also goes towards advertising with the Google Ads platform or brand-oriented marketing.

If you still need some convincing, we’ll show you with a list of the main digital services that are in demand today.

Web Development

This service is oriented to your business objectives and to the design of landing pages, CMS, WordPress and e-commerce platforms. Custom layout work can also be included.

SEO positioning

SEO or organic positioning, is the most searched since everyone wants to be the first in Google. This is a strategy that requires a lot of technical training, knowledge and dedication, you must take into account that its results are in the medium and long term.

Not only does SEO positioning apply to Google, it can also be used for search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, Youtube or Google Play, just to mention a few.

Advertising SEM/PPC/Display/Video

Search engine advertising is a strategy that many businesses opt for. Each platform has its focus and different ways to reach your target audience.

With this type of platform, immediate results are usually achieved, however, you must have a defined budget for this strategy. The job of an agency is to make this advertising profitable as soon as possible and in a lasting way.

User Experience, Conversion Optimization (CRO) and Web Page Optimization (WPO)

This digital field is increasingly in demand, since it covers user-oriented design and optimization of your website for fast loading and improved conversion.

Email marketing

Digital email marketing campaigns are at their peak and if you have a good database, advertising will be effective. Although it is a job that can perfectly be carried out internally in a company, an agency can help with designs or strategy.

Content Marketing

It is based on creating, publishing and sharing content aimed at your target audience. The main tool is usually a blog, but you can also use infographics, digital guides, presentations, ebooks, among others.

With this in mind, you are ready to choose a digital marketing agency that suits your needs. If you are interested in creating a correct strategy, visit the official site of Chili Panama and our experts will help you solve all your doubts.